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About Eyeshadow

Beautifully defining your eyes with eyeshadow takes a skilled hand, a discerning eye, and quality products in the right colors. For a smoky look, you need black and gray but for a simpler, more casual day-to-day look, your needs are different. Light browns work well to make blue eyes pop, purples are good for green eyes, and blue or silver tones complement brown eyes. Add a bit of glitter eyeshadow to turn that simple look into one more glamorous and appropriate for a nighttime event. Creamy textures are best for work since they remain in place all day. Update your look with each new season with eyeshadow shades or types that you need to give you the options you want. Avoid sitting confused and frustrated in front of the mirror by choosing a pre-owned (but not used) makeup palette or new individual powder drops from the reliable sellers on eBay. You deserve to look your best, no matter the occasion.