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About Eyelashes

According to a study done by Murine, an eye drop manufacturer, 70 percent of men notice the eyes of someone that they are meeting first. If you are not genetically blessed with long lashes, worry not, as you can rely on the beauty of false eyelashes instead. False lashes come in either pre-arranged strips or individual fibers, and are made from either fur or synthetic fibers. Pre-arranged strips tend to only last for the day, and need to be removed before you go to sleep, but individually adhered lashes can last for several weeks at a time before they naturally fall off. Individual false lashes need to be applied by a professional; otherwise, the condition of your lash follicles may become compromised. Quality is key when choosing false lashes — most professionals in the beauty industry recommend mink eyelashes. Mink lashes appear fuller and more natural, as they are weightless, and tend to have a fluffier appearance. Unlike synthetic lashes that are made by a machine, mink lashes are typically made by hand, and all of the fibers are allowed to take on their own natural position. This allows them to easily blend in with your natural eyelashes. Go through the large inventory on eBay to find what you need.