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About Eyelash Extensions

Two weeks before your wedding, you decided to have some acrylic nails applied at your local nail salon. While waiting for your turn, you noticed that the lady sitting next to you had an eyelash extension that was absolutely beautiful. You had never considered having your eyelashes extended before, but you also had never seen how striking and sophisticated it looked in person. You casually told the lady how pretty her eyes looked, and then you asked her about the process. Luckily, she was very nice and very helpful. She told you that the process wasn’t difficult at all, and that she had actually ordered all of her eyelash extension supplies from eBay. She also told you that both she and her friend do each other’s extensions because it is easier to do on someone else. By the time you left the salon, you not only had beautiful nails, but you were also heading to buy an eyelash extension kit so that your new friend could give you that beautiful exotic look for your wedding.