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About Eye Stickers

Looking at eye stickers, in fun animal images and exotic designs, gives a new meaning to the term "eye candy." These stickers come in many styles, including slanting red and black evil eyes and clear, sparkly angel eyes. You can find them in sheets or rolls, featuring the same patterns or assorted stickers. These stickers feature soft adhesives, gentle enough for application to the skin, yet strong enough to withstand water, dirt, and sweat. Eye stickers come in many styles, letting you create a flirty, funny, or feminine look. Some, such as eye tattoo stickers, feature beautiful, exotic wings, sweeping back from the eyelids to create a sultry, exotic look. Some even have intricate decorations around the edges, and you can find them in sophisticated black and bold red. These stickers come in kits, which provide simple instructions for proper use. You can even find stickers with googly eyes, making a fun design theme for a Halloween costume or party with your girlfriends. For practical use, consider eye makeup stickers. These instant beauty tools give you the look of eyeliner, mascara, and bold eye shadow, with the simple application of stickers. You can look for these eye-openers on eBay, where a large inventory gives you many options to consider.