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About Extended Lug Nuts

You decided to go with extended lugs the last time you changed out your tires, and that means that you need to make the move to extended lug nuts. The benefits to that decision include that you have more threads in contact with more threads on the lug, and you can go with other options. Locking lug nuts help to keep your new wheels extremely secure, and they are easy for you to use and to maintain. The other benefits include choosing new patterns and colors from manufacturers such as NRG extended lug nuts. They add details that let you show off your personality when you show off your car. Some JDM extended lug nuts even feature a dust cap, or a special tip that can tie in with the look of the other accessories on your car or truck. With the vast inventory on eBay, it is easy to find exactly the style of extended lug nuts that you want to put on your car or truck. Whether it is for aesthetics or for another purpose, your new lug nuts are going to impress.