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About Express

Mike always had a hard time finding clothes until he discovered Express. He doesn't want run-of-the mill tee shirts and jeans—he wants something stylish, on trend, and flattering for the ladies. As a single guy in a big city, he's looking for a sophisticated style that translates from work to night. He's fashion forward and looking for something that makes a statement. Flattering and stylish, Express jeans give Mike the fit he's looking for. Originally, the popular clothing company, "The Limited" founded Express. Today, Express is an independent retail chain with over 600 stores nationwide, offering both men and women fashionable, innovative clothing items. eBay is a great source to find new or previously owned Express clothing from reliable sellers, making it easy to fill your closet without emptying your wallet. Mike now stocks his own closet with Express men’s clothing, so he is confident and looks great from the office to the club.