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About Exo Shirt

A powerhouse of South Korean pop, the EXO boy band, formed in 2011, won the world over with their debut album "XOXO." Blending Korean and Mandarin language, EXO is one of the most popular boy bands in the region with fans all over the world, and now you can become one of them with your own EXO shirt. EXO is essentially two boy bands formed into one. EXO-M sings songs with Mandarin lyrics, while EXO-K sings songs in Korean. Their singles, like "Overdose" off their third EP, have garnered widespread popularity in South Korea and China, and the band is also one of the highest chart-topping Korean acts to get on the Billboard 200. EXO shirts come in a variety of styles. Simple black and white EXO official shirts come with band members' names on the back and numbers printed in a sporty style. For female fans, this jersey style comes in a T-shirt dress configuration, with a stylish black strip trim on the bottom and your favorite EXO member's name and number on the back. You can also pick up baseball-style shirts, and EXO-K and EXO-M shirts have their own exclusive designs as well. EXO is one of the biggest pop acts around, so search the vast inventory on eBay for your own EXO clothes and become part of the EXO-L crew.