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About Exhaust Resonator

Although some drivers like to make a blustery entrance, you prefer calm, cool confidence. By introducing an exhaust resonator on to your car or motorcycle's exhaust system, you can make your presence known in more subtle ways, rather than roaring down the road. Standard mufflers offer some noise suppression in an exhaust system, but those components use their physical structures to just tamp down on or "muffle" the sound. An exhaust resonator, on the other hand, relies on physics and uses an acoustic resonator that generates its own tone and sound waves. This tone, in turn, neutralizes the natural sound of the engine by emitting sound waves that cancel out the engine's sound waves. An exhaust resonator tip also improves a vehicle's performance by reducing the amount of fuel needed to yield a certain horsepower. Meet noise regulations, pass emissions tests, or just achieve that perfect purr by exploring the large inventory on eBay, including popular 2 and 3-inch exhaust resonator options.