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About Excavators

If your job consistently calls for more than a shovel to move your dirt around, an excavator is an essential tool. These grin-inducing machines, often called a "trackhoe," consist of a rotating cab set on rugged tracks rather than tires with an extended arm for digging. This is clearly the best way to dig a hole and get the job moving. Renting one, or buying an excavator new at the local heavy equipment dealer can be prohibitively expensive, but you still need it to complete your projects on time. Fortunately, reliable sellers on eBay offer a large selection of gently used or, at least, well-maintained heavy equipment to meet your needs. You may need a mini excavator for small jobs, in which case you can find a large selection of these machines. If your business is truly expanding, and you need a full-scale Caterpillar excavator to compete, there are also a variety available from true professionals.