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About Exakta

Though most people only purchase cameras for the purpose of taking photos, others collect antique cameras from around the world as a hobby. Older iconic camera brands, such as Exakta, are popular choices among collectors because they are rare. Exakta began producing cameras in the 1930s and quickly became a leader in the camera industry. In fact, the Exakta VX IIa featured prominently in the plot of Alfred Hitchcock's “Rear Window.” Exakta cameras are no longer manufactured or sold in retail stores; however, collectors who wish to add an Exakta to their collection can search the listings of reliable sellers on eBay. Collectors can find a variety of Exakta cameras, cases, and accessories, making it easy to track down just what they need. Keep in mind that details such as the form of the rewind release and how the logo appears on the body can vary from model to model. Regardless of which model they find, beginner and veteran collectors alike can make an Exakta piece the jewel in the crown of their camera collection.