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About EVO Wheels

Enzo Ferrari said that he built engines and attaches wheels to them, but in the case of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Evo wheels are an important part of the performance package. Without them, the Lancer Evo would just be a sportier-looking version of the Mitsubishi Lancer, suspended evolution at a critical juncture. While the Evo differs from the more practical Lancer in a number of areas, the wheels represent some of the key differences. Evo wheels tend to weigh less and offer more traction than ones on comparable Lancer model years do, helping the whole car to accelerate more quickly and handle more effectively. Starting in 2003, Mitsubishi fitted the Evo with Enkei wheels, which offer outstanding rigidity and reduced weight, but whichever Evo edition you need wheels for, you can find the right new or pre-owned, OEM, or aftermarket set on eBay. All-wheel drive, an engine delivering high horsepower, and an aerodynamic body all combine to make the Evo a pulse-quickening ride, but none of these features matter unless you've got the right wheels on board.