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About Evisu

Every single day when you leave your job and walk past the coffee shop at the corner, the record store that is never open, and the thrift shop with the creepy mannequin in the window, you think, "This is my urban territory." Your EVISU high tops know every single crack in the sidewalk, because they have carried you across these streets, under these awnings, and around these blocks for as long as you can remember owning them. Reliable sellers on eBay understand your affection for those EVISU shoes because they know quality when they see it, just like you do. Check out the great selection of EVISU jackets to go with those high tops when the weather turns chilly and you are walking home past that store mannequin, which is now wearing an awful faux-fur coat instead of that bathing suit. Pick out something new with an EVISU label, and continue your journey over those sidewalks, under those awnings, and out into the rest of your urban life.