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About Evil Eye Necklaces

When the car breaks down, the refrigerator conks out, and your babysitter quits all in the same week, you may wonder if you are the victim of a curse. According to legend, evil eye necklaces, charms, and other pieces of jewelry reflect sickness and bad luck away from the wearer. The jewelry is popular in Greece, Turkey, India, Europe, and a few other areas. Ancient cultures such as the Sumerians and the Romans believed that giving someone the "evil eye" could kill them, a myth perpetuated by bacterial infections and other illness that inexplicably killed people in large numbers. The evil eye is a piercing glare, which is why amulets often look like eyes. Legends indicate blue-eyed people could more easily curse others with the evil eye, and that is why most of the protective jewelry is blue. Some necklaces feature concentric blue and white circles made of rhinestones or glass. Others are gold or silver medallions with sapphires or blue rhinestones in the center. Whether you are truly superstitious or simply willing to try anything to turn your luck around, you can find evil eye necklaces and charms for both men and women on eBay.