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About Evil Eye

Facing a nemesis, involved in a vendetta, or looking to seek revenge? "The evil eye" may be able to help. In cultures around the world, this symbol is believed to have the power to cause harm or bad luck to others through their gaze. In turn, wearing the evil eye pendant or bracelet may protect you from the glare of others. Belief in this talisman traces back to the ancient Greeks. The history of glaring charms and protective emblems is rich in tradition, but it even has a place in modern day style—Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing the evil eye in several of her court appearances. eBay carries a wide range of jewelry and elements that match your needs and your style. The most popular piece of evil eye jewelry is the bracelet, because ancient legends tell that emphasis on the hands boosts the ability of the wearer to "deflect" bad luck from others. An evil eye bracelet or ring may provide just the protection you need when you're faced with a sticky situation.