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About Evans - Musical Instruments & Gears

You bang away on your Evans drumhead and a beat, a hypnotic rhythm, fills the room. Even in the age of synthetic pop and electronic sounds, playing on an Evans still feels primal, which is a feat considering that this was the first synthetic drumhead. Did you know that before Chick Evans introduced polyester drumheads to the public, they were expensive and made from animal hide? Yes, it's true. Not only did it revolutionize the music industry by making drums more accessible to the ordinary consumer, it also helped smooth out the sound inconsistencies that came from using animal hide. On eBay, you can find these drumheads in both new and used conditions from reliable sellers. Whether you wish to go for an Evans EC2, G2, or EC1, you should be able to find the right drumhead that's best for your needs. People often say that you should march to the beat of your own drum. Well, now you can with Evans drumheads.