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About Evangelion

The Dead Sea Scrolls foretold that they would come, angelic beings that would destroy humanity. Now, the future of the world rests is in the hands of Shinji and a group of Evangelion pilots who fight these monsters while struggling with their own inner demons. This is the story of the Neon Genesis Evangelion, a cult anime classic during the 1990s. If you're a hardcore Eva fan, then you probably know that the series finale was so controversial that it spawned two movies with alternate endings just to satisfy the public. Hungry for more Evangelion? You can check out Evangelion manga, video game, and anime spin-off series on eBay. Reliable sellers also offer other collectibles such as Evangelion figures, posters, shirts, and more. Whether your favorite is Rei Ayanami, the mysterious blue-haired girl with red eyes, or Shinji Ikari, the boy hero who shrinks from human contact, you can show your love for the Evangelion series by purchasing collectibles and other memorabilia.