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About Evangeline Ghastly

Emerging like a wisp of smoke from the shadows, Evangeline Ghastly takes her place on the main shelf of classic doll collectibles. Designed by Wilde Imagination out of Kingston NY, Evangeline evokes the bygone Victorian era and has all of the ghoul and glamour of a goth princess. You can find an Evangeline Ghastly doll in two different versions: one crafted in luminescent resin and one in high-quality vinyl and plastic. Both feature articulated ball joints and stand 18.5 inches high. Every Evangeline Ghastly doll new in the box comes with an outfit but you can find extra Evangeline Ghastly outfits to dress her out in unique looks every day. Look for Evangeline Ghastly dresses that make her look like a ghostly bride or find an outfit that enshrouds her in a mysterious black cloak. You can also look for alternative wigs to change the look of your Evangeline resin doll. Do not forget to watch for fun accessories too, including display stands and Evangeline's favorite pet, Mouette. To get to know the world of Evangeline Ghastly and her accessories, wander through the variety of listings available in the vast inventory on eBay.

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