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About Eurorack

Behringer Eurorack synthesizers and mixers are world-renowned for their quality and versatility. Uri Behringer, the founder and inventor of the company, built his very first synthesizer by the age of 16, which is no mean feat for a boy of that age. Musicians and producers all over the world over adopted his technology. In fact, you can find Behringer products on eBay in both new and pre-loved conditions. Any Eurorack Modular synthesizer adds depth and flexibility to any professional or home recording studio. Their award-winning ease of use makes it a simple task to produce your very own music tracks whether you are a professional musician or just a dabbler. For instance, a Behringer Bugera amp and cabinet provides you enough synth power to hold your own home concert. Imagine your friends’ faces when you bust into Gary Numan’s "Cars," Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark’s "Enola Gay," or even Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder’s "Together in Electric Dreams." Okay, your friends may not be old enough to remember these songs, but they will definitely make a face—happy or not—when you treat them to some sweet ear candy.