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About Euro Coins

Although many European countries share a common currency, not all euro coins are created alike. Each country in the eurozone features its own unique designs for its pieces on one of the coin's sides. For example, Germany's 2-euro coins feature eagles, Ireland's depict Celtic harps, and Spain's portray its national monarch. In addition, the EU allows countries to produce two different special edition 2-euro coins per year, and some countries produce gold and silver commemorative coins. Each country also uses different mintmarks, privy marks, and engraver initials on its coins. With so much variation in each country's euro coin set, there is a wealth of options out there for collectors. If you do not have the time and resources to go on a treasure-hunting trip in Europe, sellers on eBay offer an excellent selection of euro coins. Choose from single coins and euro coin lots from past and present editions. You can shop through various countries' designs without having to leave your home.