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About Ethiopian Opals

A relatively recent discovery, Ethiopian opals shine and sparkle in a stunning play of colors full of fantasy. This unique property is called opalizing, and opal jewelry makes beautiful pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, for example. Opal necklaces with many large beads are particularly popular. People in North Africa used opals to make tools as early as 4000 BC, but new sources of this precious gem were not discovered in the area until 1994. Ethiopian Welo or Wollo opals were first found in 2008 in Wollo Province. Their vivid colors and unusual clarity make them the most popular Ethiopian opals. Unlike other options, they tend to be red instead of blue, and they often display bright flashes of color that look like they come from deep within the stone. Many Ethiopian opals are also white, yellow, green, or amber. Black is the most rare color. Many stones are cut into cabochons, but some are faceted to increase their brilliance. You can find the best Ethiopian opals for your jewelry collection with the large inventory and great selection on eBay.