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About ESV Bibles

A priest pours over the Old and New Testament, preparing for the sermon he plans to give to hundreds of people for the Easter season. Luckily, you do not need to be a priest to read the Bible; with modern-day English translations like the ESV Bible, anyone can read and study these ancient texts. Written by over 40 authors across multiple continents, and throughout hundreds of years, the Bible is a diverse anthology composing 66 books in the traditional canon. Recommended by world-famous pastor and scholar, John Piper, the English Standard Version Bible translation seeks to maintain the original meaning of each word, while also attempting to be quite readable. For those who want more understanding of the text, an ESV study Bible is the perfect choice. For those who like to pen in notes and dates, an ESV journaling Bible might be a wise purchase. You can find a huge inventory of Bibles on eBay, available from many sellers. If you are looking for a translation that is both readable and accurate, the ESV Bible is worth considering.