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About Esterbrook

To hold an Esterbrook pen is to hold a piece of history. The pen manufacturer was the first and largest producer of steel pens in the United States in 1858. There is nothing like writing with a pen that you have to dip in ink or a classic fountain pen. Esterbrook pens came in many different models during the long run of the company. One of the most popular is the Esterbrook J series pen with its jeweled tones and multiple colors. Collectors generally believe that it first came on the market in 1948, but there is evidence it actually became available under another collection's name in 1941. Esterbrook desk pens are also very popular with collectors. The desk pens, which come with stands instead of lids, came in two versions: the standard version and the dip-less version. The dip-less ones were not eyedropper pens but were called by this name because they did not need to be dipped as far into the stand thanks to a feed on the pen. No matter which style of Esterbrook pen you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide selection to choose from.

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