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About Estate Lot

They say one man's junk is another man's treasure. Enthusiasts rummaging through an estate lot for jewelry, coins, lamps, stamps, vintage toys, and record collections certainly agree. While collecting is a hobby that requires knowledge, patience, perseverance, and loads of luck to succeed, nothing beats the joy of buying a lot that sells cheaper than individual pieces on their own, and then lucking out with an unusual item. So, yes, you might go through a lot of costume jewelry that your niece can dress up in, but don't be surprised to find someone has tossed out damaged authentic gold or silver jewelry because it's, well, broken. Whether you’re seeking a huge estate lot or estate jewelry lot, pass on those tedious visits to flea markets and thrift stores and shop on eBay's massive collection of new and used items. Not only does it amalgamate and display country- and worldwide sales for your viewing pleasure, but it also has reliable sellers. You don't want to pay too much to get too little for your investment, so take your time clicking and zooming in on interesting items, and happy bargain hunting. Who knows, this might be the week that someone throws out a Prada bag in their estate lot because it is “so last season.”

Shop the large inventory of vintage and antique jewelry including jewelry and watches wholesale lots!