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About Eskandar

There is beauty in simplicity and the stark white face of a glacier conceals a labyrinth of reflected blues, greens, and purples as dazzling as any rainbow. Eskandar fashions capture this stark principle of attraction in design and use it to make clothes that make you look like a spirit of the tundra out for a glamorous evening on the town. With sheer lines, rounded collars, sleeveless and backless dresses, and careless drapes in delicate colors, you can construct outfits that feel almost mythic. An Eskandar dress takes many forms, but one of the most popular and elemental is a simple blue drape with a rounded neckline and broad shoulder straps, a garment that evokes the sea and the sky at once. These clothes have an indelible connection to the natural world, and an Eskandar sweater is an expression of smoke and stone with its rolling folds and the studied artlessness of its bulk. You can find Eskandar sweaters, dresses, and trousers through the vast inventory of designer clothing and accessories on eBay.