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About Escalade Navigation

The snow begins to fall, and as the snowflakes pile up on your windshield, you struggle to determine where you are going. You like to be independent, but you finally break down and turn on your Escalade navigation unit to help you arrive at your destination. This handy navigation system is easy to use with the simple press of a button. Your navigation system guides you via voice commands or text directions, depending on your preference. The system comes with a built-in Escalade navigation radio for easy tuning and a great listening experience. You have the choice of listening to an AM or FM radio station or a CD. You can hook your MP3 player up to the radio as well. Each system also comes with the ability to play DVDs, and the high-definition screen has a bright output. Your Escalade navigation device is equipped with a Bluetooth mode for hands-free talk time while you operate your vehicle. On eBay, there is a large inventory of navigation systems for you to choose from to enhance your enjoyment of the open road.