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About ESC

With a remote controlled airplane or helicopter, you can master being an ace pilot and perform jaw-dropping maneuvers. However, if you want to push your flying performance to the next level, then a new ESC or electronic speed control unit is necessary. This tiny electronic device acts as the throttle of your RC vehicle's motor, and helps you control it efficiently. Just head over to eBay and find the right brushed or brushless ESC for your RC machine. Besides ensuring a smooth throttle response, many modern ESCs have a battery eliminator circuit that eliminates the need for receiver batteries, and thus shedding weight off your vehicle. While everyone likes to push their machines to go farther and do more stunts, these drain the battery. By taking advantage of low voltage cutoff in your ESC, you can save your RC vehicle, especially airplane, from losing power and crashing. Upgrade your remote controlled device with a new Novak ESC or Fuze ESC and drive or fly like you've never done before.

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