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About Ertl Banks

Save those pennies in style. Whether you are teaching your little one the importance of saving or if you want a place for your change an Ertl bank gives you a unique place for coins. Many of the die-cast banks are collectible including the vintage mail truck series. When you shop on eBay, you can find a large variety of different Ertl truck bank designs that include popular company logos like Coca Cola, Texaco, and Budweiser. Among the listings are panel trucks, utility trucks, and delivery trucks to keep your change safe. Each of the banks are replicas of an actual truck with realistic detailing. Check out the listings by reliable sellers, who have an Ertl car bank selection that includes replicas of vintage vehicles like 1918 Fords. The coin slot is typically in the roof of the bank with the opening to remove your change under the vehicle. The site offers 24 hour shopping, and you may need that long to browse through the impressive selection of Ertl bank designs as you look for your new savings container.