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About Error Quarters

Statehood quarters were one of the most popular and publicized coin productions of the 21st century. This large program put out five new designs each year, and there some rare error quarters to be found. These coins were all limited edition, but there were still enough produced that they hold little value collection wise, unless you have an error quarter. Errors increase the value of a coin because of the rareness of errors in the production process. Almost every state had at least one error quarter, and some had more. One coin with the most issues during production is the Minnesota error quarter. The most common place to find an error on the Minnesota coin is with the trees along the lake. Normally, you find an extra tree from a double die error. The Hawaii error quarter might be one of the most difficult to notice. The coin has a double die issue that caused a small error under Washington's ear. There is another error as well where there are die markers in the words "in God we trust," which is easier to spot than the Washington ear error. You can find the coin you need to complete your collection from reliable sellers on eBay and have it shipped straight to your door.

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