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About Error Dollars

While an error dollar might sound like that small bit of cash you got stuck in a vending machine during yesterday's lunch break, it is in fact a well-known and highly sought-after phenomenon known to collectors of currency. As is the case with many collectible items such as stamps or sports cards, the relative infrequency of printing errors makes these aberrations more rare, and therefore more valuable, than their standard counterpart. Though a typical dollar bill error such as mis-aligned text, mis-cut margins, or bleeding ink might seem innocuous, it could potentially elevate the worth of the bill into the hundreds of dollars. For denominations that are already considered valuable collector's pieces, the prices scale accordingly. An Eisenhower dollar error such as the die being offset before printing could multiply the worth of the coin by a factor of a thousand or more. Just as an error dollar is more of an opportunity than a mistake, so is investing in collectible currency from one the reliable sellers on eBay.