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About Error Cards

Errors in sports seldom lead to anything good. But that is not the case in the hobby of sports card collecting, where an error card can be one of your most valuable finds. An error card is not one that has been cut incorrectly or where the picture is off center. Rather, it contains incorrect information, display errors not caught at the print shop or, as is the case in some of the most egregious mistakes, a photograph of the wrong player. These cards become valuable since they are often caught by the manufacturer and corrected, which makes the ones that seep out to the public scarce. One of the most famous of the breed is the 1989 Bill Ripken error card that was printed with an expletive on the bat of the Baltimore Orioles second baseman. The Fleer Company scrambled to correct the offending card and wound up with ten variations of cover-up cards. One of the most recent examples was the Andrew Luck error card where the celebrated Indianapolis quarterback's name was spelled "Anderw." Oops. The best place to scout the wide variety of sports card goofs is from the extensive inventories maintained by reliable sellers on eBay.

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