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Shop the extensive inventory of U.S. coins including U.S. coin errors!

About Error Bills

You already have coins in your currency collection that are printed incorrectly, which adds to their value and collectability. Error bills are also popular for collectors, though they can be just as difficult to find. The error bills can come in many denominations, even including the two dollar bills that you rarely see in circulation. One dollar bill errors are usually the most common because of the high number of bills printed. Dollar bill errors can be anything from colors being wrong to double stamping. The exact error on the bill can determine its value among collectors. Some of the errors are easy to spot, but some of them are so faint that you have to hunt to find them in all of the intricate details that are on the currency. No matter which piece you are looking to add to your collection, the reliable sellers on eBay have a great selection for you to choose from and have shipped direct to your door.