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About Ernest Borel Watches

The romance of two hearts uniting during a harmonious dance as time passes is the inspiration behind Ernest Borel watches. From the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, the Borel brand launched in 1859 shows a passion for perfection. Installing music boxes in products was one way the craftsman originally aimed to breathe personality into the products. The vintage Ernest Borel Kaleidoscope watch has a rotating dial that leaves you mesmerized. The uppermost disc rotates, creating an animated effect with its constantly changing decoration. The hypnotic discs on this cocktail watch feature stars, flowers, atoms, or the sun. The timepiece comes in several color and crystal variants so you can choose one that suits your personal style. Although techniques and designs evolve, the company continues to innovate quality Ernest Borel watches, inspecting each movement meticulously and testing the cases to ensure they are pressure-resistant and watertight. A romantic photograph of Ernest Borel dancing in perfect harmony with a beautiful young woman at a ball inspired him to create an elegant image for his watch brand, which you can find among the large inventory on eBay.