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About Erector Sets

When Alfred Carlton Gilbert first imagined Erector Sets while riding on a train to New York City in 1913, he never thought that it would make him into "the man who saved Christmas." This brand of building sets has been a hit toy ever since its inception. However, the advent of World War I nearly brought Christmas gifts to a halt when it was necessary to ration manufacturing resources. A.C. Gilbert petitioned lawmakers, and this holiday tradition was preserved. Find all the Erector Sets you need, from newer box sets to vintage collectibles. Unlike other toys from days of old, the Erector Set is the only one that features electric motors, as the creator desired to make a toy that could teach children how to make buildings and how to incorporate Erector Set motors into their play. Embrace your creativity or spur your child on to build items such as a helicopter, rocket launcher, or truck. There are even Ferris wheel Erector Sets available. If you are missing some vital pieces, find a selection of wheels, tires, or rivets in the vast inventory on eBay.