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About Epergne

Complete the look of your beautifully set table, at the holidays or throughout the year, with a beautiful and versatile epergne centerpiece. The word "epergne" comes from the French word for "save," and you can save bouquets of blooms from your garden, seashells and colorful sea glass, colored rocks and marbles, as well as fruits to be eaten at the meal, all in your decorative centerpiece. Craftspeople created antique epergnes for function as well as style, so these silver or blown glass pieces can hold a lot while they adorn your table. Use the epergne as your fruit bowl and flower vase at the same time when you are not decorating it for a special dinner or gathering. To make the centerpiece more lavish, add beads of crystals or metallic ribbons entwined around the sections. A lustrous white milk glass epergne might stand on its own with only a few long-stemmed roses or small bouquets of lilies in its fluted vase sections. Collect epergnes in silver and crystal, iridescent glass in red and blue, and made with milk glass when you choose from the vast selection on eBay.