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About Envelope Clutches

Classic envelope clutches can make your finest evening wear look even better or they can add style to a more casual outfit. These versatile purses come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials. They have a flap that closes over the clutch to resemble an envelope. It usually fastens with a button, snap, or magnet. Most are designed to be held in the hand, but some have removable straps or chains. Since they tend to be smaller, they usually have several pockets and credit card slots to maximize space, but stylish oversized envelope clutches are available as well. Gold envelope clutches match well with most clothing, as well as with gold jewelry or shoes. Clutches with sequins, rhinestones, satin, or beads are perfect for formal occasions. Lace, leather, vinyl, and fabric clutches match well with dressy or casual outfits. Whether you want a different clutch for every outfit and occasion or a few basic styles for all your needs, you can find the best envelope clutches for your wardrobe in the vast inventory on eBay.