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About English Tea Cups

Although you might not start your day with 30 to 40 cups of tea, following the social customs of English noblemen in the seventeenth century, sipping from English tea cups is nevertheless an elegant way to start the day. In England, teatime is serious business. This tradition dates back to the early 1600s, when tea replaced ale as the drink of choice among members of English high society. Thanks to wealthy citizens, always looking for ways to distinguish themselves from lower classes, English tea cups and sets come in fine materials like porcelain and China. Many feature stunning hand-painted designs, such as roses, butterflies, and other calming patterns. You can find antique English tea cups with gently curving shell rims and dainty round handles. They rest on small matching plates, which hold essential teaspoons and finger foods. You can browse the vast inventory on eBay for teacups of many varieties, keeping the centuries-old English tradition alive. For an especially stunning display, consider English bone China tea cups, which feature soft porcelain, bright outer coats, and resist chipping. Once you have your tea cups, remember, pinky up.