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About Engine Lifts

The days of scraped knuckles and frustrated grunts from struggling with your vehicle's engine are over. With the help of engine lifts, you can work on your vehicle's engine just as the professionals do. Engine lift tools use chains and brackets to hoist engines out of the vehicle's engine compartment and onto a stand, also called a hoist or cherry picker, for easier accessibility. The engine lift plates attach to the intake manifold in multiple places on the high point of the engine so you can lift the engine without hitting the vehicle's body. When choosing among the large inventory of engine lifts available on eBay, your number one consideration should be the weight of your engine, as the stands vary by how much weight they can hold. For safety, you should purchase a hoist that can withstand well over the weight you desire to lift, as you want to be sure the engine will not go anywhere once it is hoisted. With the help of engine lifts and other proper tools, you can avoid the hassle and heartache, as well as busted knuckles, that come along with disassembling engines that are still housed in their compartments.