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About Engine Hoist

If you have ever scraped your knuckles to the point they bled when attempting to reach deep under the hood of your car while working on the components of your engine, you know how difficult and dangerous it can be to try to toil on particular parts of your car. If your job is going to take any length of time, make life easier for yourself and your knuckles by using an engine hoist to move your engine to a more conducive workspace. An engine hoist generally features a hook that attaches to your engine and is firmly supported by a steal frame. There are many varieties of hoists available. A Ram engine hoist works like a hydraulic jack to lift up your engine, where as a 2-ton engine hoist can lift up to 2 tons and features the more traditional design, many of which fold up for easy storage. If you are considering purchasing an engine hoist, you can browse through a large selection of new and used devices available from reliable sellers on eBay. With convenient shipping options, your knuckles will soon be thanking you when your hoist arrives right at your doorstep.