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About Energie

Energie is an Italian clothing company that owes its creation to both the fashion and art worlds. Its founder, Wicky Hassan, first aspired to be an artist and used a blend of visual and tactile elements to create hip street clothing styles. His first Energie store in Rome opened in 1984, and artists flocked there to purchase creatively inspired denim pieces. A complete Energie jeans collection soon followed, and the brand enjoys a lot of success in its native Europe. Art continues to play an important role in Energie's image. The company favors creative styles that blend art and fashion and still uses many artistic elements in its promotional campaigns. The popular menswear brand includes jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes, accessories, and more. You can find many different new and used items on eBay, where reliable sellers all over the world offer everything from Energie shirts to jeans in wide variety of sizes and colors. Choose from a number of convenient shipping options, and your purchase comes to you wherever you are.