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About Encyclopedia Britannica

You may not know the first thing about the historical figure your social studies professor assigned a paper on, but the Encyclopedia Britannica sitting on your bookshelf at home contains exactly the information you need to get started. Boasting the work of over 4,000 contributors, these encyclopedias are sure to come in handy in endless situations. The next time you and a friend get into a debate about a historical fact, the encyclopedia is there to help you settle the argument once and for all. A children's Britannica collection makes an excellent educational gift that both helps with tough school assignments, and encourages them to spend more time reading books, and less time relying on the Internet for their research needs. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of editions and versions of Encyclopedia Britannica, which has been in existence since 1768 and is the oldest English reference material of its kind. Replace a single missing book, or invest in a full set to begin enjoying all of the many benefits of having it at your disposal.