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About Enclosures

Ever tried to clean or disconnect wires encrusted with all manner of dirt and evidences that nature always contrives to fill vacuums? This is where enclosures come in. It's not just for safety but for keeping nature out, dust and all. Otherwise, it's as if nature says, “Oh, look, there's space in and around these cables, let's send little mice to fill it with some nice poop. And hey, dust bunnies, you can hop right over there, it's nice and cozy!” eBay sellers have a selection of enclosures for every need. They can be handy not just for storage but for hiding eyesores. Aluminum enclosures are light and can be easily mounted under desks to hold all your cables and even your desktop's CPU. If you're the type to do DIY or crafts, electrical enclosures and cabinets can be painted to blend in with your backyard landscape, or add a wooden leaf at the top surface and it can function as a high desk or shelf in your garage or basement. If there's space in there and when the weather is cool enough, it can also be an ideal nook for jars of jam or crocks of cookies and other contraband you don't want the kids to find.

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