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About Enamel Paints

An artist can uncover the raw beauty in anything. Make good use of your abstract eye to by incorporating enamel paint as the foundation for creating your next masterpiece. Painters and potters alike are able to appreciate the scratch resistant, high pigmentation of Folk Art enamel paint. Lately, have you been racking your brain for inspiration? Rather than succumb to a stint of artistic block, allow the reliable sellers at eBay to conveniently ship an assortment of testers right to your door. With a brush in both hands, experiment with different blends of the creamy textures of a brand that has constantly proven itself for over two decades. Channel the creative energy of the greats. Quick drying enamel paint is can be air-dried overnight or beautifully baked. You will be amazed at the self-sealing qualities of rich gold enamel paint. In awe of your abilities, enhancing your project with a little metallic shimmer is sure to bring around a crowd of adoring fans. Refreshed and rejuvenated, now you need to find more space to proudly display your creations.