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About Empty Ink Cartridges

Sitting back, you think of ways you have helped the company save money over the past year. One of those ways was by buying empty ink cartridges online and refilling them in-house. With new cartridges costing your business thousands of dollars each year, having your employees refill empty ones has saved a tremendous amount of money. By buying an empty ink cartridges lot, you can get many more than by purchasing in smaller numbers. Remember, though, you could need a chip reset device for some printers, such as when refilling empty Epson ink cartridges, and you should plan accordingly. Some printer manufacturers implant a chip in their ink cartridges. These so-called smart chips record and report each drop of ink that is used to the printer. When it reaches a certain amount, the cartridge stops working and you must replace it. eBay offers a wide selection of different empty ink cartridges from a wide variety of manufacturers.

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