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About Emergency Light Bar

Bar none, emergency light bars rank among the best professional safety accessories, providing bright lights to help emergency vehicles move through traffic and move quickly. These special lights come in various designs including long, slender rows that affix to the tops of police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. You can find them in circular designs too, making important additions to rescue boats. Emergency vehicle light bars come in several designs. All feature a center portion with white lights and they have bulbs of various colors around the ends. These bars feature sturdy plastic or fiberglass outer covers, which provide protection against the elements, and keep bulbs safe from debris. Weatherproof housing gives extra protection, and special optics enhance visibility. These lights come with pre-set programs and have ample computer memories, letting you store up to a dozen flash patterns. You can attach them easily to the top of the car with gutter brackets, which act as mounts, and several screws. Look for emergency light bars on eBay, where a large inventory lets you search for lights of your choice. In addition to lights, complete your safety setup with speakers, sirens, strobe lights, and more.