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About Emerald Rings

The gleam of green reflects off the emerald rings that adorn your fingers. If your favorite stone is the emerald, you have many types of rings from which to choose. Solitaire rings have one single emerald set in them and can have side accent stones in different cuts. Trio rings feature three stones, which can be the same size or several different sizes. These are classic choices, but modern or vintage styles, such as those with cushion- or Asscher-cut stones, also add rich color. Modern rings can have braided bands, swirls, and many other intricate designs. Vintage rings have styling similar to estate jewelry, with large stones and intricate metalwork. Rings primarily come in gold and silver. A sterling silver emerald ring is a popular choice; the silver brings out the green color of the stones nicely. If you prefer emeralds to diamonds, you can find a suitable emerald engagement ring for your sweetheart. Some rings contain diamonds too, but many are available with an emerald as focal point of the ring. On eBay, you can find a vast selection of emerald rings in many styles to suit you or your loved ones.