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About Elvis Costume

You have yet another costume party to attend, and have never lived down showing up at the last one you attended dressed as a milk carton. With an Elvis costume, you are sure to be the life and soul of the party, just like the King of Rock 'n Roll himself. Elvis is a true American icon, beloved by millions of fans all around the world. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1935, Elvis took up music in his teens, and released his first hit single in 1956. He soon shot to super-stardom and his energetic performance style made him enormously popular across the globe. An adult Elvis Presley costume usually consists of a bright white suit as it was one of his most popular outfits on stage, but you can also find darker colored attire that may be a little more flattering. Wigs, sunglasses, and the elaborate belts and chains he often wore help to complete the look. A kids' Elvis Presley costume is usually a little simpler, eschewing the easy to swallow accessories and consisting of a simple bright suit and black beanie. Whether you are looking for an Elvis costume for yourself, or something fun for the kids, you are sure find a great selection of costumes of all shapes and sizes on eBay.