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About Elvis 45

The world was a much different place during the first world-shaking rush of Elvis Presley-mania. There were no internet-based streaming music services, no online videos, no MP3s, Elvis rose to fame in the mid-1950s mostly through the power of the Elvis 45. While unprecedented television appearances and radio play helped, most Elvis fans at the time began by buying legendary singles like "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Love Me Tender" on 7-inch 45 RPM records, a relatively new innovation at the time. Many of these pieces of music history are still around today, and many of them are in good, playable condition and for sale from the reliable sellers on eBay. Even if you have heard the song thousands of times on radio, many purists would argue that you have never real heard "Hound Dog" until you have heard it played on an Elvis "Hound Dog" 45, and many versions of this record are available, including a framed collector's edition and the original RCA single. You can also get a head start as a collector with an Elvis 45 lot with 12 extended play Elvis 45 records in their original sleeves.