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About Elvis

When it comes to rock royalty, Elvis Presley isn't just a king, but The King. His career has spanned decades, with 20 number one albums, numerous chart toppers, and over 30 feature films. Born in Mississippi, Elvis started his music career in 1954, and it was only a couple of years later in 1956 that his first single, "Heartbreak Hotel" hit number one in the US charts. He soon became the symbol for rock and roll with his high-powered and sexually-charged performances. Capitalizing on his popularity, he starred in his first feature film, "Love Me Tender," but the military draft temporarily put his career on hold. Two years after that, he went straight back into recording, and began producing some of the best work of his career. While The King's life was tragically short, he is still a big part of Rock and Roll history. Why not own a piece of this history with some Elvis memorabilia from eBay? You can find many vintage items, including Elvis records, dolls, and signed photos. These items are not just valuable collectibles, but a way to pay tribute to this great man who changed music history.