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About Elsa Williams

Looking around your living room, you are so proud of the many beautiful things that you have been able to create with your own hands, as they look beautiful, and doing the handiwork helps you relax at night. Your favorites are the Elsa Williams pieces. On your wall is a beautiful vintage Elsa Williams flowers in basket piece done in pinks and browns. On your sofa is very attractive Elsa Williams pillow with yellow flowers on it. Some pieces you have purchased as a kit, while others you have purchased the pattern and yarn separately. It is so much fun to relax after a hard day at work and enjoy creating these embroidery pieces with your own hands. While deciding which Elsa Williams piece you want to do next is very hard, one decision is extremely easy. The best place to get the kits, patterns, and yarns is from the trustworthy sellers on eBay. Best of all, the sellers offer convenient shipping methods.

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