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About Elna Sewing Machine

Whether you get a tear in your favorite shirt or you have a desire to make your own dress, a sewing machine is a must-have household item. Sew the smallest rip to the biggest outfit with an Elna sewing machine. Established in 1940, Elna is a Swiss company that has been at the forefront of sewing machine innovation. The company is well known for introducing the first portable sewing machine with a free arm and subsequently launching sewing machines that were ahead of their time with amenities such as automatic stitches. If space is an issue, Elna has a vintage model machine that is extremely lightweight and portable, making it a cinch to store in a cabinet or on a shelf. For heavy-duty sewing, look for an industrial-strength Elna machine such as the Elna Elnita 130. Quilting enthusiasts enjoy the eXcellence 730, an automatic sewing machine designed specifically for quilting and patchwork. Browse the large inventory of Elna sewing machines available on eBay, and start appreciating the ability to sew your own clothes on a trusty machine.